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 Joining C.A.K.E and what the hell is it anyway!?

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PostSubject: Joining C.A.K.E and what the hell is it anyway!?   Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:52 am

C.A.K.E is the Cork Activity and Knowledge Enthusiasts: It's a social group, for those of us living in Cork, based on the idea that it’s good to get out and do stuff! And has a better acronym than Cork Recreational Activity Party.

'Membership' is by invite only, so if you register please use your actual name so we know who you are and let you in the door!

The process runs like this:
Click the register option above (sandwiched between User Groups and Log in)
Agree to the Terms and Conditions!
Enter your Username (please use your first name, and an inital if you think there may be more than one of you!), password and email - and hit save.
Confirm your password.
Check your email for the registration mail sent to you and click on the link.
You are now registered.
Login and you will see the Welcome forum!
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Joining C.A.K.E and what the hell is it anyway!?
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